Dosing Systems





The CFU is designed to transport HE-100 chemical from a central dosing tank towards all the separate glass production lines.

The central dosing tank is to be filled out of a returnable container.  For this purpose a transport pump is installed on the CFU.

The installation consists of an HE-100 dosage tank, on which max 7-14 pumps can be connected.

Each pump will deliver coating chemical to one glass production line.

The HE-100 dosage tank is placed in a Polypropylene (PP) housing because of safety.

On top of the HE-100 tank is a spill platform in which possible spills can be absorbed,

the transport pump pumps HE-100 from the returnable container to the dosage tank.




DIRECT DOSING UNIT (cold end coating)


The Imaca cold end dosing unit mixes the coating with the water in a ratio between 0.5-2%.

After adjustment on the pump the mixture will be constant.

One 50L drum gives the operator a “theoretical” rest for at least 16 days, in which the mixture needs no extra attention.





The operation is the same as the direct dosing unit but this implementation is more accurate
at low flow.